My name is Sarah(She/her)

I was born in Merced, California.

​Since then, I have called many places home, but growing up in the Lake George region of New York has been the most influential in shaping who I am today. Long hikes in the foothills of the Adirondacks, and spending my summers camping around Lake George, have ingrained a deep love of nature and organic beauty in my soul. This love is what influenced my decision to become a photographer.


My parents gifted me my first point-and-shoot camera when I was a teenager. My dad, who also played a role in my decision to pursue photography, is an avid landscape and nature photographer. His work inspired me to follow in his footsteps, so during my last two years of high school, I went to trade school for photography.


After high school, I attended the Rochester Institute of Technology. Choosing my major was the easiest decision I had ever made. I studied photography, and I graduated in 2016 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts.


Becoming a mother further instilled my desire to capture and preserve life’s fleeting moments. Life is always busy, especially in the fast-paced society we all have to endure. It’s more important than ever to slow down and enjoy moments of happiness and love. I am grateful for the opportunity to preserve those moments, big and small, for my clients.

Melissa Lillian Midden